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DTF Shaker

Polytech DTF machine
Shaker 460S

*price varies in different models

**available in set

Polytech is the inventor of the DTF process and has designed a machine to apply hot melt adhesive powder. We are proud to own the first powder shaker patent in the world. Our PM460 is a third-generation hot melt adhesive powder shaker which has undergone rigorous stress testing to ensure efficient bulk production. Great to paired with Polytech B602 DTF Printer.

Machine Technical Specs

we have the best quality



Drying Tunnel

1150 mm


AC 220V 50/60Hz 36A

Maximum Power

Approx. 7,900 W


2345 * 1091 * 1091 mm


GW:340 kg,NW:290 kg

Printing Environment

Temperature: 15 to 28 °C,Humidity: 45 to 75 %


Temperature: 10 to 32 °C,Humidity: 20 to 80 %

DTF shaker patent

The patent for the first DTF powder shaker in the world.

PLC touch screen control system, simple and clear.

Polytech shaker uses PLC touch screen control panel
DTF shaker with stable temperature system

Self-developed temperature control system that allows the curing temperature is uniform and stable, ensuring long-term stability.

The structure is aesthetic and reasonable, with a safe and commercial appearance with simple daily maintenance.

DTF shaker with commerical outlook
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