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创新是宝丽发展的命脉, 我们将一如既往,为我们的客户源源不断地创造价值。

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 We made history -Direct to Film Solution

We stand in the shoes of our customers and have developed the complete DTF solution, encompassing everything from DTF films to DTFinks to DTF printer & DTF shaker machines. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we understand their needs and deliver a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of DTF printing. With a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to innovation, we provide our customers with a seamless and efficient DTF experience that meets their highest expectations.

the first patented direct to film solution

Our ​Patents & Certifications

We take pride in our extensive intellectual property portfolio, with 15 patents covering  DTF machines, software and inks. Moreover, our consumables have achieved international certifications, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards.

We actively participate in renowned international exhibitions,to showcase our cutting-edge solutions and establish connections with industry professionals from around the world.


Our Mission & Values

Polytech's mission is to pursue excellence, foster continuous innovation, and generate value for our esteemed customers. As a testament to our commitment, we strive to meet and exceed the industry's expectations, infusing the digital printing sector with fresh ideas and vigor. By championing environmentally friendly and efficient practices, we aim to spearhead the industry's progress towards a sustainable future.


Trust Polytech to be your partner in driving positive change within the digital printing landscape.

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