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Digital Transformation: Case Study of Polytech's DTF Technology Application

Digital transformation is a critical challenge facing businesses today and an essential path for future development. Polytech, a leading enterprise in the DTF technology field, fully leverages its technical and innovative advantages to successfully achieve the transformation, laying a solid foundation for its sustained development.

Polytech's DTF technology is an important application of digital transformation. The technology utilizes digital printing to print patterns onto PET films, which are then transferred onto fabrics or any high-temperature resistant material through steps such as powder scattering, powder removal, drying, and rolling. It can achieve fine printing effects on various materials such as textiles and leather, with advantages such as high production efficiency, simple operation, and low cost. In the process of digital transformation, Polytech combines DTF technology with other digital technologies to achieve transformation and upgrade in digital production, digital marketing, and digital management.

Digital production is an important component of Polytech's digital transformation. It adopts intelligent production lines and introduces digital technologies to achieve intelligent and automated production processes. From data collection and transmission to production planning, equipment deployment, and operation, all aspects have been digitized and automated, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. Polytech's digital production is also environmentally friendly, using clean energy and intelligent management and control to maximize the use and protection of environmental resources.

dtf solution

Digital marketing is another highlight of Polytech's digital transformation. It utilizes digital technology and online marketing methods to promote DTF technology and products in the market. Polytech's website and WeChat official account have become important channels for enterprise marketing and customer service. Through data analysis and customer feedback, the company optimizes and improves its products and services to meet the growing needs of customers.

Digital management is an essential component of Polytech's digital transformation. The company adopts digital management software such as ERP and MES systems to digitize and integrate various business modules. Through a digital management model, Polytech achieves seamless integration between various business areas.

Polytech is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and development, production, and sales in the digital printing industry. The team is led by a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry and brings together experts from various fields, such as mechanical automation, traditional and digital printing engineers, and others. With profound knowledge of materials and textile printing machinery, as well as innovative spirit, Polytech launched the DTF solution in 2018, which caused a sensation in the industry.

Digital Transformation: Case Study of Polytech's DTF Technology Application

dtf solution

The solution includes Polytech latex ink, Polytech powder sprinkler, Polytech printer, Polytech PET digital transfer film, and Polytech hot melt powder. The solution involves printing patterns digitally on PET film, sprinkling, removing, and drying powder through the powder sprinkler (patented content), and finally pressing and transferring it onto fabric or any heat-resistant material. The DTF solution has brought a new revolution to the digital printing industry with rare innovations, opening up a new era! We will continue to adhere to Polytech's innovative spirit, carry forward the past and forge ahead, and create more products and value for the digital printing industry based on Polytech's advantages.

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