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I3200 H4

Poly Sublimation Printer
I3200 H4

Exclusive self-developed all aluminum ink stack, more reliable and durable head.
Auto constant temperature drying system, the material is uniformly heated, the ink absorbs well and the picture is delicate and full.
Personalized customization, it suits in braid and pyrography industry.
Large capacity lack of ink alarm system, intelligent reminder function, make sure continually supply ink, more humanity.
Lack of paper alarm system, paper printed intelligent reminder, more convenient and safe operation.

Machine parameters

we have the best quality




I3200 H4

Printhead and Quantity

13200-A1  4pcs

Printing width


Media Type

Thermal transfer paper

Heating system

Auto constant temperature drying system

RIP Software

RIIN, Main Top , Photoprint (Optional)


Temperature: 20-26°C,Humidity: 45-70%


430W  External drying: 2400W

Machine Dimension

L3160 * W960mm * H1860mm

Package Dimension

L3530 * W760 * H855mm

Net Weight


Gross Weight




Our printers are powered by the EPSON I3200 print head, which is not only durable but also provides exceptional performance. The print head is perfectly matched with our patented DTF inks and self-developed DTF film, ensuring the best printing results.

Ray AC servo motor

We have adopted the high-power AC servo motor and re-equipped it with a high-resolution 18-bit or 23-bit optical encoder as the position feedback unit. The motor has the characteristics of high-stability, high precision, high dynamic response, and high protection level; Ensuring continuous and stable operation of the sprinkler trolley.


Ink deficiency alarm

The whole system is equipped with an ink shortage alarm as standard to prevent nozzle damage and waste of consumables caused by continuous printing due to ink shortage.

Anti collision sensor

Anti-collision sensors are installed on both sides of the nozzle trolley to ensure that the nozzle will not be damaged due to the teaching of the printing film, and it will also prevent people from bumping. The safety of the machine is greatly improved.


Standard 1000m take-up/feeder svstemoptional 10000m take-up/feeder system

Printer with excellent take-up/feeder system, get the perfect printing and achieve high-precision printing.

Double-layer drying system

fast speed printing cooperates with a double-layer drying system guaranteeing fast printing and fast take-up/feeder while it will affect the printing effect because the ink is not dry.


New generation design suction platform

A new generation of precision machining design suction platform and the accuracy is controlled within 6S; Supplemented by the patented air suction platform, the scanning and paper feeding are better coordinated. and the printing is not arched

High power AC servo motor

Vertical take-up and feeding system: using all servo motors with intelligence speed adjustment and buffer control: Multi rollers system making paper take-up much smoother under high-speed printing.

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