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The inventor of
Direct-to-Film &
A Leading Solution Provider

Market leaders rely on Polytech's expertise to seamlessly connect them with top-notch, high-quality DTF machines and supply solutions that perfectly align with their client's requirements.

Experience the Polytech advantage today by getting free samples!

DTF printer

​High efficiency & Stability

Excellent resolution

DTF inks

High Saturation, Vibrant Colour & Great Printability

DTF transfer film

Complete transfer prints with Awesome ink absortion


Multiple patents

Over 15 invention patents

The first DTF film, shaker & nano ink in China


Inventor team

Highly skilled professionals with Ph.D. & Master's background in our R&D team


Perfect service team

24/7 support

Over 10 years of experience

Barrier-free English communication


Large factory

120 workers

10,000 m2 factory

Dust free workplace

Why Polytech?

We have the best service team to help you solve the problem

As the original inventor and pioneer of DTF (Direct-to-Film) technology, Polytech has successfully paved the way for a new era in the printing industry. Since our groundbreaking demonstration of the DTF solution in Shanghai back in 2018, we have captivated audiences from across the globe, forging strong partnerships along the way.

DTF shaker patent
DTF Shaker Patent

The first powder shaker was born in Polytech 

In 2019, we introduced the world's first DTF integrated solution, the first DTF film, and the first powder shaker on a global scale.


Unleash Flawless Printing Excellence

Our inks ensure uninterrupted printing for hours, keeping the nozzles open. Achieve sharp edges with high-density films and minimal ink waste. Our durable DTF machines stand the test of time. Enjoy reliable, soft, and eco-friendly prints. 

Unlock the future of printing technology with Polytech DTF. Revolutionize your DTF printing experience for your t-shirt business today with free DTF samples.

Customize Anything

Expand your t-shirt business opportunities


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